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 What actually is your booth?

What we offer is a mobile Photobooth unit for your event.  This is not the booth style you would crawl into in a mall, a fair or arcade somewhere; rather it is a freestanding tower about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide.  The user chooses if they want their photo in black and white or color, and then poses while their image is portrayed on our LED flat screen monitor. 

 Do you have someone taking the pictures or is it remote operation?

After choosing the color or black and white option the booth will count down while the subject poses hands free.

 What if my photographer has a photo booth option already?
Great question! Lets face it, when you chose your photographer for your event, you chose them because of several things (price, availability, likability, etc.) But the main reason you chose them is because they take awesome pictures. Do you want to take your chosen photographer away from your special event to snap a few set up photo booth shots?  When you go with us as an option, your photographer is allowed to do what they do best, take amazing beautiful pictures of your event.  You also have the option of having photo strips printed on the spot in seconds for your guests to take home as well as copies for yourself.
Our booth will take up less space, is more user friendly and will be utilized from start to finish. We have had several events where for 3+ hours we had a line of people at our booth and had non stop use.  If your photographer can match that, that is awesome. If not, go with us, you won't be disappointed in your choice.

 Do you deliver the booth?

Yes, we deliver the booth, set up the booth, take down the booth and bring the booth back home.  As the renter of one of our units, you will never have to pick up, assemble or bring back the rental.  This is all part of the rental agreement.

 Does the mustache have magical powers?

The mustache has asked us not to call its powers magical, rather it is a feeling of satisfaction you will have knowing you are providing a great entertainment option for your event.  Your guests will have a souvenir to take home or to download. They will all talk about how cool our booth was and how they want one at their event.  So, if making your event the hippest, trendiest and most memorable event of the year is your thing, I guess you could call it magic.  

 Do you have custom packages available/ we don't see what we need?
If there is something other than what we have to offer in our packages, please call us.  We would rather see your event be customized to your vision and budget than you be forced to go with a package that doesn't meet your needs.  Please contact us we will work with you.

 What happens to the unlimited pictures taken during my event?
With all of our packages we offer unlimited photos to be taken.  All of the photos will be initially stored on a hard drive then transferred to our website.  After the event, the photos will be placed on our website for viewing for you and your event guests only (password protected).  Any questionable photos (including but not limited to illegal activities, inappropriateness, and really awkward poses) will not be shown and/or until permission from you is recieved allowing us to add it to your online gallery. 
You will also be given a digital copy, either a thumb drive or CD of all your photos within one week of your event. 
All photographs taken will be considered property of Wenatchee Photobooth Company, Ellis & Grey LLC.  We retain the right to utilize all photos for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to our Facebook page, wenatcheephotoboothcompany.com and other promotional material.  As of now we guarantee that you will never see your pictures during a Super Bowl Ad. 
We do have the option available to not have all your photos available for your guests in an online format.  We still however, reserve the right to utilize photos for marketing, including Facebook, wenatcheephotoboothcompany.com and other marketing and promotional material.   

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