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About Us

Wenatchee Photobooth Company is a small local business run by the Husband and Wife (though she would say the wife and husband) team .  We both grew up in the area, here  in Wenatchee.  

In January of 2012, our idea came to fruition- Wenatchee Photobooth Company.  What we offer is a mobile photo booth option for every type of budget and event.  Now in discussions with people (mainly our families) the first thoughts that came to their minds when we mentioned “photo booth” was those old grainy, bulky, tight spaced, coin operated machines you typically see in arcades, malls, or at carnivals.  WE ARE NOTHING like this. 

First, we offer a high mega pixel digital camera for all the pictures.  We have on our photo booth a LED television screen so all guests can see their photos as they are taken. Also, because we are a mobile photo booth, there is room for more people to be in front of the lens.  You also have the ability to control when the picture is taken, and most importantly YOU CONTROL how you want to pose and if you want to see what you look like with a moustache (or a multitude of other props).  In addition, our clients receive a digital copy of all photos taken at the event.  YOU KEEP ALL OF THE MEMORIES FROM YOUR EVENT.  You also have the added option for guests to be able to print out their own professional, high quality photo strips on the spot in less than 1 minute.

So, if the idea of creating unique, fun lasting memories of your event appeals to you then Wenatchee Photobooth Company is who you need.  If the thought of not having your guests wait for a photographer to take their “other” pictures, we are right for you.  If you want EVERY guest to have the option to be remembered at your event, then our photo booth is for you.  With Wenatchee Photobooth, you will never have to think of whether or not Josie was actually there, if John was bald back then, or if Maria wore that same dress 3 years ago…

*This is not us by the way, these are just two models who play us. The celebrities whom look like us could not be hired for this photo shoot!
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