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“Be serious or silly, sexy or sophisticated. Only with our photo booth can you be yourself or be…
a pirate!”


C. Courtney at Chelan High School Prom, "Photo booth, Best. Idea. Ever!"
S. Reyes Pregler at Merisa's Quinceanera, "Thank you for making the party so much more fun. It was fun before you showed up, but after you showed up, it was a Blast! Thank You!"
Dialogue with Anonymous at Chelan High School Prom,
"How much do we have to pay to get our picture taken?"
Us, "Your ASB rented the booth so all the photos are free to you and your friends."
"You mean we can get as many as we want and it is FREE?"
Us, "Yes take as many pictures as you would like."
"Thank you so much, we couldn't afford to get our pictures done, and now we have something special to have."

3 Easy Steps to having the party or event that will be talked about time and time again.

  1. Email, Call us, or post a message to our wall on Facebook to check on availability for the date and time you would like.
  2. If available, let us know what options you would like and we will email you our rental agreement.
  3. Submit a non-refundable deposit of $100* along with a completed rental agreement and the booth is yours.
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